Orange County
Holiday Market Store
Shelf Rental Vendor Registration

Westminster Mall
1025 Westminster Mall, Westminster, CA 92683
Open 7 Days A Week
November 1st-December 31st
Fridays & Saturdays 11am-8pm | Sundays 12pm-6pm
Closed Thanksgiving & Christmas

  • Each shelf is approximately 11.4” H x 28.6” W x 11.4” D.
  • Wreath vendors get two 2×6 grid wall displays.
  • We do not require any licenses or permits for vendors to participate.
  • Baked goods are allowed if they are 100% packaged and sealed. *NO HOT FOODS*
  • Vendors are allowed to share a shelf with another vendor.
  • Vendors are responsible for price tagging their own items.
  • Vendors are required to complete the inventory consignment sheet each time they stock their shelf.
  • The Holiday Market will collect and pay sales tax on all sales. Vendors keep 100% profit from all sales of their items.
  • Inventory stocking nights are Monday and Tuesday nights from 8pm-10pm. Vendors are not required to restock their items each week. Should Monday or Tuesday nights not work, vendors can coordinate alternative times to stock their shelf with the store manager.
  • Vendor payments are cut each Friday and can be picked up at the store. The store manager will send email notifications to vendors who have checks to pick up.
  • All products should be family friendly and preferably Holiday related items. The Holiday Market management and Mall will have final say on products permitted in the store.
  • Vendors are required to promote the store on their social media pages and website if they have them.
  • All remaining inventory must be picked up and removed from the store location no later than 12/31/22. Any remaining merchandise after that date will be disposed of.
  • The Holiday Market and Mall shall not be held responsible for any damages to vendor’s merchandise.
  • Sales vary by vendor and product sold. We are not responsible for or guarantee any specific sales revenue. It’s all about the shopper’s interest in a vendor’s product.
  • Vendors are asked to donate an item for the monthly raffle and the Holiday Market Sponsor A Family For The Holidays Program.
  • Ability to sell your products during the business shopping time of the year inside the Holiday Market store located in the mall open 7 days a week during mall hours from October 1st-December 31st.
  • One shelf (receive a 2nd shelf for free if you sign up by 11/11/22) inside the Holiday Market store from November-December 31st.
  • -Weekly promotion of your business on the Holiday Market Facebook page.
  • The ability to participate in the Holiday Market’s monthly Friends & Family Shopping Nights.
  • Participation in Monthly in store giveaway which is also promoted on Facebook.
  • 100% of sales of your products sold inside the Holiday Market store paid every Friday beginning November 11th.

Shelf Rental & Grid Wall Pricing

$50 Per Week November-December if all 2 months are paid in advance.

$60 Per Week November-December if paid monthly.

Each rental includes one shelf or two grid wall panels for wreath vendors.

Vendors who register and pay in full by October 15th shall recieve a 2nd shelf or two additional grid walls for FREE.

Why sell your products in our Holiday Market store?

What better place to sell your products then Boynton Beach Mall this holiday season. Our seasonal store will be open from October 1st-December 31st and will feature a wide array of holiday decor and toys. The store will be open 7 days a week during regular mall hours with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas Day when the mall is closed. In addition to the marketing the mall will be doing to drive traffic during the Holiday Shopping Season, we will also run our own Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. We chose mall’s as our choice of venue as thousands of brands trust in mall’s to promote & sell their products. Mall’s already have effective marketing in place to promote their centers on behalf of their tenants. Built in traffic already in place along with our marketing efforts to reach shoppers within a 15 mile radius of the mall via Facebook & Instagram gives our vendors the same opportunity to sell to these same shoppers as large retail brands.


How do you promote the Holiday Market Store?

The Holiday Market Store is posted on the mall’s website and posted on the mall’s social media channels (channels vary by the mall). In addition, within two weeks before the market opening, we purchase and run Facebook and Instagram ads promoting the market targeted to female shoppers ages 24-64 who like shopping, shopping malls, and are frequent shoppers who reside within a 15-mile radius of the mall. We will also hold monthly Family & Friend shopping nights, partnering with local non profits for Give Back Wednesday’s and run a variety of in store raffles and giveaways to get customers into the store.

What can be sold in the store?

Holiday decor items, wreaths, holiday candles, gnomes, holiday baked goods that are 100% packaged & sealed, jewelry,  and other holiday related gifts & decor. Other items not listed above will be considered on a case by case basis.

How much in sales can I expect?

Sales vary by vendor and product sold. We are not responsible for or guarantee any specific sales revenue. It’s all about the shopper’s interest in a vendor’s product.

How much traffic do you expect?

Mall traffic numbers vary by day and we do not guarantee any specific traffic numbers. Malls tend to attract the most amount of their traffic on weekends.

How often can i change out my products or switch out inventory?

Vendor inventory & stocking nights will be held every Sunday and Monday night between 8pm-10pm. In the event those days/times dont work for you, you can work out an alternative time with the store manager.

How often will i be paid for my sales?

Vendor checks will be cut and available each Friday for vendor sales from the previous week. Our Holiday Market store will pay you 100% of your sales and will be responsible for collecting and paying sales tax on all customer sales.

Can i use any other displays or decorate my shelf or grid wall?

You can use other displays and decorate your shelf or grid wall however you would like as long as you stay within your allocated space and the decoration stay within the Holiday theme of the store. Holiday Market store managment has final discretion on the look and feel of all displays.

Are there any other fees besides the registration fee?

Vendors keep 100% of their product sales and their are no other fees besides the registration fee.

Is electricity available for my display?

Limited electricity is available and arrangements along with requests shoupd be made in advance with the store manager.

Can food be sold?

ONLY BAKED GOODS AND 100% PACKAGED & SEALED FOOD ITEMS CAN BE SOLD. Baked goods consist of items such as cupcakes, brownies, cookies, fudge, packaged popcorn, holiday candies, ect. Absolutely no hot foods. All items must be non perishable.


The Untold Story Bookstore and Cafe LLC


KA company

Nia’s Beauty Bar, L.L.C




Hoover St


Marce’s Jewelry


The Untold Story Bookstore and Cafe LLC

The Joy Of Healing


 Rates, Requirements & Regulations

 **Submission of this application is a commitment to sell & exhibit your products in our Holiday Market Store between October 1st-December 31st. Vendor agrees to submit payment upon receipt of invoice & agrees to read & be responsible to comply with all the rules & regulations in this contract.

-Vendors are solely responsible for maintaining product liability.

-CKM Group, Inc. retains the right to refuse rental space to any exhibitor & may restrict products sold or ask for removal of objects or merchandise for any reason at any time. No religious or political solicitation permitted. Exhibitor may not assign his/her contract for exhibit space or permit any other person to use part of such space.

-Merchandise must be arranged in a neat & attractive display. Exhibitors are expected to conduct themselves in a professional & courteous manner and may not interfere with other exhibitors. Items must stay within the assigned space & may not extend into other exhibitors’ spaces. Failure to comply may result in removal of products from sales floor and vendor may be banned from future events or retail opportunities. Exhibitors must have products set up & displayed for the full duration of holiday season unless arrangements are made with store management in advance. Breakdown will begin the day after Christmas through New Years Eve day. Exhibitor agrees to remove all trash & debris belonging to them upon vacating their space. Exhibitor will be held liable should an accident occur within the exhibitors space or caused by the exhibitor’s display or debris left by exhibitor.

-The sale of knives, box cutters, unlicensed, counterfeit products (no “knock-off” or bootleg items), gel candles, spray foam, fake cigarettes, streamers, sparklers, fireworks, bomb bags, stink bombs, snappers, hover boards, self-balancing boards, drones, electronic cigarettes, marijuana, pornographic material, firearms, weapons, ammunition, self-defense products, explosives, fire-fighting equipment, motorized scooters or wheelchairs, homemade furniture, security systems, bean bag chairs, operating parts of automobiles, motorcycles, motorized bicycles or boats, adult toys, prescription or cosmetic lenses or prescription footwear, smoke and/or odorous items flammables or any item deemed illegal under the law is strictly prohibited. The sale of cigarette lighters to minor children (under the age of eighteen) is strictly prohibited. Exhibitor agrees not to sell food, beverages or anything edible without advance approval by the Shoppers Market. No alcohol, liquor, beer or wine allowed. The sale of any counterfeit products or products bearing counterfeit imitation or colorable trademarks or other false descriptions or designations of origin or any other items that are illegal to sell in the state is not allowed.

-CKM Group Inc., our Shoppers Market, its workers and the mall, its Managing Agent, CBL Properties, and their respective officers, directors, shareholders, members, partners, parents, subsidiaries, related and affiliated entities, agents, servants, and employees shall not be liable for property damage, personal injury or damages of any nature suffered by any person (including attendees while within the exhibitor’s space or accidents caused by the exhibitor) or Exhibitor, its agents or employees, which may occur on or about any part of the subject premises, regardless of how such injury or damage may have occurred. The aforementioned parties are not liable, and may not be held responsible for any loss before, during or after the show. In addition, these groups are not responsible for any merchandise left unattended for any reason at any time and are not responsible for any theft or loss at any time. Exhibitor waives any claim against CKM Group Inc., our Shoppers Market, its workers and the Mall, its Managing Agent, and their respective officers, directors, shareholders, members, partners, parents, subsidiaries, related and affiliated entities, agents, servants, and employees & assumes all liability for loss or damage to Exhibitor’s property entrusted to the premises. Exhibitor shall hold harmless and indemnify CKM Group Inc., our Shoppers Market, its workers and the Mall, its Managing Agent, and their respective officers, directors, shareholders, members, partners, parents, subsidiaries, related and affiliated entities, agents, servants, and employees against all liability or expenses arising out of any claim of injury or damage to any person or property, together with all cost in connection with the defense thereto, including attorney fees. The above mentioned parties will not be held responsible for the fulfillment of this contract for any reason within or beyond their control or if the show is canceled for any reason. No refunds or credits will be issued if vendor cancels for any reason. 

As stated above, all event registration fees are nonrefundable unless the event is canceled by CKM Group Inc or the mall management company. The above mentioned parties will not be liable for the fulfillment of this contract if the store is closed for weather conditions or due to the threat of unsafe conditions, authority of the law, strikes or Act of God. The above mentioned parties will not be liable for damages, loss or injury for any reason within or beyond their control. Insurance for such loss, damages or injury shall be the sole responsibility for each exhibitor at their own cost. CKM Group Inc. and our Shoppers Market reserves the sole right to revoke the agreement granted within this application for any reason whatsoever and at any time by refunding the fee paid by the Exhibitor. CKM Group Inc. and our Shoppers Market will not be liable for lost revenue or any other liability whatsoever beyond the fee paid by the Exhibitor as a result of enforcing this provision.

-All registration fees are non-refundable and by submitting your registration you agree that you have read and agree to all of the above terms and conditions.

Follow These Instructions To Register

  1. Click the package you want
  2. Click Add To Cart
  3. Click View Cart
  4. Click Proceed To Checkout
  5. Complete the form
  6. Then you will be able to pay with Debit/Credit Card


    • Orange County November Shelf/Gridwall Rental $260

    • Orange County December Shelf/Gridwall Rental $260

    • Orange County Includes November, December $400


    All vendor registration fees are final and nonrefundable. We do not guarantee sales for vendors. All transactions are between vendors and customers. The California Market shall not be held liable for any issues or transactions between vendors and customers.